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    Big board desiccant
    Shoes with desiccant
    Composite paper packaging desiccant
    MianZhi desiccant small package
    Non-woven small packing desiccant
    Small packing desiccant three-in-one cloth
    fine pored ball silica gel
    Big board desiccant
    Big board desiccant
    Thin-layer chromatography silicon sheet
    fine pored ball silica gel
    B-type silica gel
    C-type silica gel
    Colorful allochroic silica gel
    Coarse pore silica microspheres
    Cat litter
    Silicone PSA
    FNG silica gel
    Allochroic silica gel,non-cobalt
    Scent gel
    Add:Qingdao Licang District 9 236 Lee Chang Industrial Park water
    Location:Home->About Us
    Qingdao Jinyang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that produces and processes various specifications and textures of small packaging moisture-proof agents. The company was established in 1994, formerly known as Qingdao Ocean Chemical Group Branch, and has now passed the IS09001 quality management system certification. The product quality is excellent.
    The large board desiccant developed by our company is mainly used for moisture-proof high-end household clothing, bedding, and household appliances. It not only has the functions of moisture absorption, mold prevention, insect prevention, and radiation protection, but also removes harmful substances such as odors, formaldehyde, and benzene. The product is popular in countries such as Japan and South Korea, and is an essential choice for daily household use and green and environmentally friendly decoration. The company is located in the emerging industrial base of Qingdao, with an elegant environment, complete facilities, convenient transportation, adequate environmental protection measures, and a garden style industrial area - Licang Industrial Park. The company is located north of Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport, south of Qingdao Port, adjacent to the Qingyin Expressway and 308 National Highway, and east of the top mountain on the sea - Laoshan. The company covers an area of 9900 square meters and has a modern production and processing workshop of over 3000 square meters, with an annual production capacity of 6000 tons. Our company has advanced imported equipment and produces a series of desiccant products in military industry, food, clothing, footwear, medicine, electronics, electrical appliances, containers, and household wardrobes, wardrobes, cars, flooring, home decoration, and pet raising And so on, they have a wide range of applications.
    In recent years, with the ocean economy being elevated to an unprecedented level, the country has attached great importance to the development of the ocean economy. Vigorously developing the blue ocean economy is also the goal and driving force of our enterprise"s development. The company has successively won the Excellent Energy Conservation Achievement Award in Qingdao City and the Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award in Licang District from 2008 to 2009. The kelp adhesive produced by our company"s new process has filled the market gap with its high viscosity and high quality, which can effectively occupy domestic and international markets and compete with international products. Its products have broad development prospects, I hope all employees of Qingdao Jinyang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. can contribute their efforts to the marine economy of Qingdao city.
    Add:Qingdao Licang District 9 236 Lee Chang Industrial Park water¡¡Tel:86-0532-87660818¡¡Fax:86-0532-87660817¡¡E_mail:qdjinyang@163.com
    Copyright (C)2010 Qingdao Jinyang Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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